K9 Trickstas Group Workshops ($25-$160 per event)

Our workshops are usually offered as a one-day event where you can learn some tips & techniques that you can take home to practise.

K9 Trickstas Group Classes ($100-$140 per course)

Our group classes are offered as a series of  four to six weekly or fortnightly one-hour sessions. you can learn new skills step by step and get feedback on their homework as well as ask questions that might arise when you are training at home between sessions.

Initial Consultation (before private sessions) ($120 plus petrol cost)

In order to create the most effective training plan, our instructor visits your home to meet you and your dog and asks issues and/or concerns that you need help with.

Training Walk ($50 per a-half-hour walk plus petrol cost)

If you are too busy to walk your dog who also requires some training, this might be a perfect option for you. Through an initial consult, we determine what kind of training would benefit your dog.

Day Training Session ($80-$140 per one-hour session plus petrol cost)

This is a dog-only one-on-one training option. In a day training session we can address more concerns that you may have about your dog than in a training walk. Through an initial consult, we determine what kind of training would benefit your dog. A day training session can include a training walk, depending on your needs.

Private Coaching ($80-$140 per hour plus petrol cost)

This option is usually offered as an add-on to training walks and/or day training sessions. In a private coaching session, you will learn how to maintain and improve the skills that your dog has learned through dog-only training.

Other Services

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help with them.