K9 Trickstas Group Workshops ($20-$150 per event)

Our workshops are usually offered as a one-day event where students can learn some tips & techniques that you can take home to practise.

K9 Trickstas Group Classes ($80-$160 per course)

Our group classes are offered as a series of  four to six weekly or fortnightly one-hour sessions. Students can learn new skills step by step and get feedback on their homework as well as ask questions that might arise when they are training at home between sessions.

K9 Trickstas Private Coaching ($60-$100 per hour plus petrol cost)

We offer private coaching too. This may be an ideal option for dogs who don’t feel comfortable when other dogs are around. Also, if you have a specific skill that you want to learn, private coaching may be more beneficial that group options.

Other Services

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help with them.