About Us

What is K9 Trickstas?

IMG51614 (1280x853)K9 Trickstas originally started as a group of people who met up monthly to enjoy trick training together in Auckland, New Zealand. When Manako started organising the meetups in December 2016, the group didn’t have a name, but a year and a half later it was named “K9 Trickstas.”

Introducing Our Team

IMG_3742Manako Sugiyama – Director and Instructor –

*  Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (NZ)
*  Fenzi Sport Dog Trainer (Foundation)
*  Certified Instructor of Rally Freestyle Elements
*  Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) 

NDOA_DSC_0136Manako took up clicker training and started doing heelwork to music with her second Beagle, Cinnamon, in 2009. In 2011 they became the national champion, gaining the highest score, at National Dog Obedience Assembly (NDOA), their second competition. In 2013 they became the champion again at NDOA.

NZGTIn 2013 Manako and Cinnamon had an honourable opportunity to showcase Canine Freestyle on TV and reached the semi-finals in the third season of New Zealand’s Got Talent.

Manako has been instructing tricks/heelwork to music class at Manukau Dog Training Club since 2014. In 2015 she came across a trick dog titling program in the U.S. called “Do More With Your Dog!” (DMWYD) and brought her third Beagle, Mint, up to the champion. Shortly after that, she became New Zealand’s first Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) for DMWYD.

certificateManako is passionate about learning positive reinforcement based training techniques and attended many seminars and workshops as well as taking numerous online classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy to keep her skills and knowledge updated. In 2019 she gained a Fenzi Sport Dog Trainer Certificate (Foundation) and also became a certified Rally-FrEe instructor

img_e2770Mint (Kenalis Candyman CGCB RA ADX JD R-FE/CH MF/N TDCH) – Demo Dog –

Mint is Manako’s third dog and third Beagle. Perhaps because he always accompanied Cinnamon to attended classes at Manukau Dog Training Club as a little puppy, he has always been good with other dogs as well as people. Because he was a very attentive puppy, Manako dreamed that one day she would reach top classes in Obedience, but that didn’t happen. At the age of two, he started having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. On top of his Beagle nose, his medication to control his seizures enhanced his craving for food and hunger and made it difficult for him to stay focused in Obedience competitions.

In addition to Obedience he also competed in Agility, Rally Obedience, Canine Freestyle (dog dancing), and Rally Freestyle Elements. However, in late 2018 Manako retired him from all competitive dog sports in late 2018, because it became extremely hard to manage his epilepsy that he had had since the age of two while training for competitions. 

Mint visits a local rest home as a therapy dog for Outreach Therapy Pets.

P1190476 (1280x962)Mint has two Champion titles, Trick Dog Champion and Rally Freestyle Elements Champion.